Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jacqueline--Amazing--before and after

Do you remember?

I believe we had posted about this little boy back in Dec or so. This is how he was when he came into our clinic last year.

We took them to a children's hospital in Port au Prince. They were in Port from Dec till May or so. This was the first I had seen him now since his surgery. As far as I know it was probably a tumor that they removed.

Just today his parents brought him here to see us and give us a gift of eggs! You can see the scare, but you'd hardly know it's the same boy

Jacqueline with his mother and father

It's SO exciting to see the difference that was made. He has a brother with a deformed foot that we're hoping to be able to help now too.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another baby!

A happy mama

A sweet little baby boy and the nurse and her helpers
Some times at the clinic. . .

Sometimes at the CTC. . .

Thursday, July 21, 2011

God saw fit to extend His hand of mercy again!

Giving oxygen

I feel humbled as I look at these pictures. God was again so merciful. This baby was born at clinic Tues evening. His parents are Fre Pharis and Madame Pharis who we know pretty well. The labor was pretty long, but baby's heart beat seemed to be staying good as I checked from time to time. When he was born, he was just limp. I knew there was life as I saw just a little twitch as I set to work suctioning, warming, and stimulating. He started breathing, but still seemed to be struggling so I put him on blow by oxygen for about 30 min. I was so glad to finally hear a hearty cry and see him pink up nice!

Rachel, Kirsche, and I who were at the birth

Ellamae and I

It was so good having Darwin and his daughter Ellamae here. Below is a picture of Darwin and Steve discussing the projected clinic rebuild plans we are hoping to get underway this winter. It will be quite a project, but it's a very needed one as now two of our four hospital beds get wet when went it rains. I don't just mean a few drops either! :-) We hope to add on a bit too as we could use more space and another consultation/exam room as well as an ER with space for equipment and to get around in.

Darwin and Steve discussing clinic rebuild plans

Thanks for your interest in God's work here!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Happy patient

Monak who has been coming for treatment for his hand is doing much better. We kept him in the hospital from Tues till Sat last week. Now he is to be coming back everyday for treatment--antibiotic and bandaging. It's amazing how quickly a small wound can turn into a nasty infection and how with some effort it can start to heal nicely!

His hand is SO much better!

Removing stitches on one of my patients from last week

A precious bundle. . .

Yes, this afternoon we had a birth at the clinic. The lady came in around 3 pm, and the baby was born around 5:25. The birth went very well for which we are always grateful! Here are a few pics of it.

Yesterday afternoon we had a guy come in who had been involved in a fight and wasn't totally responsive. I put an IV in and monitored him. Then when a vehicle went out to T-Goave today we sent him out. He didn't have any major wounds, but there was something deeper going on.

This afternoon I was hoping to get my laundry finished and just relax a bit. I walked into my house and was just about ready to lay down for a bit thinking to myself that I sure hoped I wouldn't get a clinic call. Just about then the call came that there was a lady in labor at the clinic. I breathed a prayer telling God that I didn't have what it took and got ready to head down and check things out. God was again faithful to give me the strength. What an amazing God we serve!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

More than just the sick and wounded

We see a lot more around here than the sick and wounded!

I thought I should at least give you a glimpse. . .

Below is a young man who came in a few days ago with an incredible infection in his hand. It started out as only a little cut after working in the garden.

We've had him staying at the hospital now a couple of days so we can give him regular IVs with antibiotic and keep working the infection out. He's doing better. I trust he'll have a full recovery without losing any use of his hand.

Friday, July 1, 2011

From the nurse. . .

Well, it's good to be back at the clinic! For the first while after I got back from my 4 week visit in the States I was working at the CTC. We have others who are volunteering to come for a few weeks or months at a time and helping there, and I am able to focus more at the clinic again. Here are just a few pics from my day today at the clinic.

I thought it was about time to give you an updated picture of our Haitian clinic staff. We now have a new nurse since Mis Louda got married and a new pharmacist since our main one had to leave because of her husband's stroke and another one got a different job.

R-L Back row: Direk (runs the front desk), Madme Jean Mark (pharmacist), Madme Jean Claude (assistant pharmacist/cleaning lady), Adolf (pulls the charts and weighs the patients),

Front row: Mis Joslen (our new nurse), Mis Leida (nurse), Madme Daniel (cleaning lady/also does laundry at the CTC right now)

This little girl was one of the people I saw today. She had a really nasty skin infection. You can't really see it in the pic, but her ear was just covered in soars.

I know this isn't clinic, but we as nurses do other things too!

The other day Thea and I just spent some time on the porch with our friends Selma and Tislen. We put a puzzle together. They thought it was the neatest thing. It was a new thing to them! We had fun!

They were so happy when they figured out how it worked!

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