Sunday, December 2, 2012


There are 16 month old twins boys, Fred and Fredo, that have been coming to clinic lately.  They are way under weight and malnourished.  Their mother died some time ago, and their grandma is caring for them now.  One day this week she brought in Fred, and he wasn't doing well.  I gave him meds and supplements, but the grandma told me that she lost hope for this one.  I'm hoping Fred does well and will come back for his appointment on Friday.  My heart really went out to the grandma as she is trying to raise these babies.  

Fred and I

Grandma feeding Fred some of the supplements that I gave him

A New Baby!  

Little cutie!

Do any of you remember Vickson and Gertha, a young couple who lost their first baby girl?  Well, today God gave them another baby girl.  This time healthy and very cute!  Their first baby was born last year Dec 4th (a Sunday as well)--2 days less than a year after their first one.  

Baby, Vickson, Gertha, Gertha's mom and sister, Virginia, Rhoda, and I

They both really grew in the Lord this last year after losing their first child, and it was so special today to see their joy as they received their healthy little girl.  

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