Friday, February 11, 2011

Cow Trouble

Well the nurses are smiling. That's a good sign!

But this ISN'T such a good sign... The work of an angry bull, it gored
her with it's horn... Not very pretty looking, but not actually too serious.

                  This was the first of emergencies that night; she came in about 5 P.M...
...And wasn't finished until around 8; by then, the next emergency had arrived.
Quite a bit of dirt in there, took a while to clean out...

Stitching by flashlight... It's over-rated. :)

All neat and tidy now...

Mountainside tumble

I don't have any really great pics of this guy, it was hard to see what all
was wrong with him anyhow. The most noticeable thing was his right arm
which was broken, but he was also covered with numerous cuts and
tears; the results of falling down the mountainside and landing
on a boulder. Ouch!!!

They wrapped his broken arm up with casting cloth, so that when it
hardened it protected the arm from further movement and injury on
the way down the trail.

We don't set broken bones here at the clinic, so that was an automatic
trip out right there. We left at around 10:30 and arrived at the Ti Guave
hospital shortly after midnight. We were able to round up a doctor in
about half an hour, and by 2 A.M. were over at Darv and Jo's for a
nap before hitting the trail again. Turned out the man's arm had a
compound fracture...

Deformed Foot

This father came with his 10 year-old boy a few days back
wanting assistance from us to get help for his deformed foot.

We're hoping to be able to find a hospital

that will help him. As we understand, he's had this since birth.

Construction Accident

This gentleman was working on a house, a board fell off
the roof and did a very neat slice job both above AND
below his eye. Thank God for His design of protective
bone structure around your eyes; without that feature,
this man would have fared much worse!!!

Happy birthday 'Nita!!! She's supposed to be having a little party with
the girls right now, but instead she gets the opportunity to practice
some delicate stitch maneuvers.... Seems to be smiling at any rate...:)

Finished job. Looks very nice! Those stitches under the
eye were pretty challenging, but he came back a couple
days later and is looking good....

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