Sunday, July 20, 2014

One or Two???

"Its twins"...was the verdict of 3 tired nurses as they carefully slid the ultrasound probe over the woman's very pregnant belly. Glancing at each other we nod in unison. "Twins". She needs to go out. We all realize that our diagnosis could be wrong but what if it was twins and we are not equipped to do a caesarean.
 Don came told us that in half in hour if we still feel the same about it then Kate and I should go with Julian to Tit Guave.
  Half an hour later we are all ready to leave. I clutch our emergency birthing bag and whisper a prayer that we wont need to use it. After a short prayer from Don we go flying down the trail. A BIG thank you to whoever donated towards our new machine. It rides like a dream !! Kate and I couldn't get over it. We made it to Tit Guave in 1 hour 15 min.!! The lady seemed to be calm and her contractions not too strong. Sadly the hospital in TG was closed so we had to go to Pastors to get the ambulance. After loading up all our gear Julian announces the tire pressure to low to drive to Leogane. I wink at kate..."Oh joy,!!" Every minute is becoming very precious. We quick switch everything to Pastors vehicle and roar away. I can hear her contractions getting closer..."Go faster Julian.."About 3 minutes from the hospital in Leogane we hear a flood over water. I jump back to check her, "Her water broke, just drive as fast as you can." I plop down to my seat and pray that we make it. A second later and more water and a plop. I switch on the light and there is a healthy FAT baby on the floor. Kate yells to stop and we run to the back. It was CRAZY!!! I take care of the baby and Kate takes care of the mom. Kate glances at me,"I think that's all,I cant feel another baby in here.."I feel like laughing but instead I lean over the pink screaming baby to ask him if he had another womb-mate with him. The dad is shocked. "Mis, the baby is too young to talk!!" I throw my head back and laugh. Kate joins and even Julian did, soon the father is chuckling and the mom has a huge smile. We are parked right in the center of a busy spot in town. People flock to watch. We try to have some privacy but it is impossible. They are all excited about this. A birth, in a vehicle, 2 little white nurses scurrying around trying clean up, a huge baby.... We felt awful for our wrong call but as we bounced back up the trail Kate said drowsily. "Mothers fine, baby's  fine, we are tired but alive."I nod drowsily, right now I am too tired to care.
One or Two???
Everyone happy and alive!!
The last few days at the clinic have been sort of stressful. Saying Goodbye to our administrators in the middle of a busy clinic day,crying our eyes out as we hold hands and pray for strength to face our line of waiting patients that are quietly watching the white nurses wipe tears. Two days later finds us doing the same thing except this time its Mis Katie that is leaving us.  We watch in tears as Fre Derick takes her by the arm and brings her to the waiting Bobcat. Once again we watch the bobcat disappear down the trail and Kates arms waving in farewell. We miss you Mis Katie.
When Rho caught sight of the this cute preemie....she couldn't stop hugging it!! It weighed 3 lbs 4 oz.It brought smiles to our faces!!
A big welcome to Mis Whitney!!We missed you and its great to have you on the team again!! I am sick with a very bad fever and very achy bones. I am sure I look exactly like 90 year old!! Please pray for the clinic staff that no one else would get sick!
"We can never bless the world merely by having a good time in it; but by only by giving our lives for it."
-Mis Mali

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