Monday, October 3, 2011

Broken Legs!

Yesterday we received word from the clinic that there was a boy there with two badly broken legs.

We rushed over to check the situation out.

Turns out he had been transporting cement to a building project a few hours away, and was getting a bag off a stack, and the stack fell on him.

Thankfully it was only his legs that were broken!

He came in on a stretcher, covered with cement dust.
He was a very brave chap! He barely cried at all!

The one leg was fractured right in the middle of his shin.
The other was fractured under the knee joint.

We tried to decide to either send him into town,
or take care of it ourselves.

We quickly decided to put temporary casts on, and
take him into town, as soon as his parents arrived.

Michael and Anita, with the help of Jeriah, put the temporary 
casts on. His parents were going to be there in several hours
so we had lots of time...

All finished on the right leg!!

He got tired of people looking through the door and staring
at him, so he put his sheet over his head :)

Michael carefully turns the left leg around, making sure the cast
is positioned correctly.

Wrapping it all up!


There was quite an audience the whole time! The people
were having quite the discussion about the whole situation.
They said "It's a good thing we brought him here, instead of the
Leaf Doctor! He would have just put leaves on it, and he would
not be able to walk the rest of his life!"

Once his parents arrived, several of us carried him out to the truck.

He was in quite a bit of pain, but bore it well.

The trip would end up taking about 3 hours.

We gave him a story book and some sunglasses
to shield his eyes from the burning sun.

Off they go!

He arrived at the hospital around 9pm last night!
Sounds like they will be able to do surgery on Tuesday, and he should recover well.

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