Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quick Update...

Sorry we've been so slow at getting out info, I know many of you are praying about the situation with cholera here and wondering how things are going. So far things have been fairly quiet at the cholera treatment center (CTC) we officially opened this Monday afternoon. Jeriah Mast from CAM and a crew of young guys with him helped us throw together a small tent city on the trail to Granfour, almost to the bottom of Jack Rabbit hill. We have four tents set up, with various smaller buildings quickly erected to serve other purposes.

We have had a number of people come through; some who probably had a very mild case, some who probably just had a stomachache, and three now that we've hospitalized and started on IV's. These three were carried in since they were to weak to walk- a quick indication of severe dehydration. The first man, who came in late on Monday afternoon, is now off of IV and able to sit up and eat and drink, so praise God for that!

Keep praying, we're not sure how serious this will become here in our local area, so it's hard to know how many staff and how much supplies we need to have sent down. It can be tough to find the balance between going overboard, and being prepared.

At this point, we're leaning towards preparation. In a town not far from here 80 people were reported dead from cholera in one weekend.

Keep praying for God's healing and protection.

We'll be getting you some pics...

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