Monday, June 24, 2013

Back in Haiti!

   Greetings in Jesus Name, "O, beloved Name of Jesus, Jesus, who changes not nor can be changed, what He says stands sure and steadfast. 
   I am very thankful for the rest the last few weeks back home in Manitoba. Was a great privilege to see family, also just as much the church family. But I'm back safely in Haiti and am looking forward to some months of work yet here at the mission.

Everyone was busy at their posts this morning when I walked into clinic, cheery good mornings and blessings exchanged.

Fre. Direk signing people in.

And my dear friend Frisnell or Joseph, (head guy). Although language barrier don't help we've become close friends.
I came walking to the mission from the clinic and this young man walks up to me gives me a big hug, I thought it was his brother and asked if  Frisnel was at the clinic, he said yes, then back to the clinic we walked together. I couldn't find the head guy, so I asked Anita if she could point him out to me, and she pointed to the same guy who gave me a hug!!!! Little bit embarrassing I have to say, but wow, he really changed the last three weeks, with no bandage on his head, and his cheeks filled out a lot, he really had me. But yes, as you notice his smile is as big as ever. (Jesus does that, right?!!!)

Rhoda was busy with the blood pressure patients.

Anita is checking on a patient in the hospital room, Pastor Levy's brother, is a doctor/student in the Dominican Republic, he came back for some holidays, and is with us here for a week at the clinic, he wants to spend time experiencing working with Haitian people. His name is Dr. Malise.

Pharmacy staff, just opening the windows and starting in on the days work.

Katie came out and asked if I could come help hold down this little girl in the one consultation room, she has a big abscess on her neck, O, what screaming, as we held her and Miss Katie cleaned it and repacked it with sterile packing. 

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