Wednesday, July 9, 2014

After Hour Fun...

  Yesterday we had a great time cooking corn and bean sauce at the neighbors house after work. One of my patients brought it as a gift and it made a great BIG pot.. enough to share with neighbors and all the hungry little bellies always begging for food.

Happy faces...eating off of Mali's plate :)

A few smiles from clinic today...

A jolly baby fattened up with Herbalife.

Our dear granny friend who doesn't come to the clinic for meds but always dances in the door and looks up with her signature face and says, " Did you leave a little food for me today?" She's a delight.


 And a new nurse! She came to take Mis Leda's place over the time of her pregnancy and birth. We're grateful for her help.

Jesus bless your day. Let's lose our lives in the joy of His service today!
- Mis Kate

New Website/Blog!

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