Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A trip to Petit Guave

Greetings in Jesus' name!

Yesterday morning we had a lady come into the clinic that was going into labor. She was having complications, so we decided to take her to Ti Guave. She had high blood pressure as well as the possibility of needing a C-section because of other problems. The trip down the mountain went well, and upon arriving in T-Goave, we first checked to see that they had a doctor available for a C-section should that be necessary. If there wouldn't have been a Dr. available we would have had to take her on to Grand Goave or Leogane, but thankfully they told us there was. So we helped check her in and headed on our way.

This time, we decided to take you along with us on our journey! Hopefully through these pictures you'll get an idea of what it is for us to take someone out to the hospital; all the time, effort, and energy that it takes, all the bumping, jostling around, the sights, scenes... thankfully not the smells :)

Join us as we started out at the clinic, and finish up in the hospital compound in Ti Guave...

Here we are, getting the Gator into position for our patient.

Steve waits outside the clinic, as the woman
gets ready inside.

We gave her a mattress, pillow, and blanket to rest on.
One of her relatives rode along with also.

Everybody is ready to go!

The road was very muddy.
Rainfall from over the last few days has soaked everything.

Thankfully Jackrabbit hill wasn't muddy at all.
The cement tracks added earlier this year make all the difference!

As we got higher, the road dried up quite a bit.
That was a blessing, but the rocks were still very bumpy.

Here's a small stream we crossed.
The man in the picture was washing his feet :)

And here's a bigger stream/river.
This one was a lot sloppier than the rest of them.

Here's another view from the river.
VERY muddy.
Thankfully the Gator made it through just fine.

Another shot from the riverbed...

Ah! Dry land again!
Here's a nice stretch of road which, for about 75', is actually paved!

Here's a look at Ti Guave from up above in the mountains...

Entering the busy city life is very energizing,
especially after being back in the mountains for weeks!

This is the entering drive of the hospital.

Anita went inside to check the patient in
and Steve backed the Gator up.

After dropping her off we had to make up a dossier for her
and give them some contact information, in case they needed further help.

With the mission completed, we headed back.

The Aleg valley... home, sweet home :)

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