Monday, July 29, 2013

Clinic Staff

    I have gotten an number of requests from you to put on pictures of all our clinic staff, these are as up to date as they can get, and there are two missing, they weren't working today.
Mis Joseline. She is always picture shy but nice about it.

Mis Leda, a very good nurse.

Mis Whitney, our newest addition to the clinic staff.

Mdm Leger. Pharmacist.

Zita, also a pharmacy worker

Fre. Dolphe, weighs the people in and keeps the files all in order. Does an
exceptional job. He is one of the deacons in church.

Fre. Noaz. Also a deacon in church, he does the devotions
each morning, and helps when it's busiest in traffic control
in and out of the clinic!!!!!!!!!!

Fre. Direk, he signs everyone in, fills out the dossiers as
well as collects the money.

Mdm Daniel, she is one of two cleaning ladies. Here she is
cleaning the hospital room, good time to do it, because it's
finally empty.

Mis Rhoda, she is just getting ready to do a bandage

I interrupted a conversation to get take this shot.
Mis Anitia, having an early morning chat with Nores.

Mis Katie's look tells us that baby need desperate care of some kind.

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