Friday, April 24, 2015


... Of a busy Friday! 
If you stopped by to visit us today,  
You would've found lots of people waiting outside, and inside, and Frè Adolf finding dossiers and charting people's weights! 
Then Kindra busily working at getting the many blood pressure patients through, Dr Felix, Mis Leda, Mis Marquis, and Mis Whitney consultanting patients, then on to the pharmacy to find our Pharmacist Zita working hard to keep up to the many people.  I stopped in a couple times to help her, but I also had some bandage patients to do.
  The last while, our number of patients has been we had around 105 patients! 
I decided to added ramdom pictures of sad and happy faces! 
  I've called Haiti my home for the last almost 5 months, but now I plan on returning back to the states. My dear friends here are asking if I plan on coming back sometime soon, and I keep telling them "Bondye Konnen" God Knows! 
-Mis Ellamae

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