Saturday, January 15, 2011

I didn't realize how many patients we see on our "off clinic days" till I started
snapping pictures of them!!! The nurses spent all morning at the clinic
delivering a baby boy (more pics later on that one- it was born with a
twisted foot), and Shana saw quite a line-up of minor cases on the porch.
Here is a foot injury caused by a sepit- a tool the Haitians use to
work in their gardens.

This gentleman appears quite cheerful in spite of the machete cut he
inflicted on himself this morning. He was pretty excited to see the
picture of himself too, just made his day....

"Pwa Congo....."

....Which is a type of bean commonly grown here in Haiti. Fortunately,
it ISN'T commonly found in little girls ears; this little girl being an
exception to that rule. "Mildren" arrived this afternoon in great pain
and even greater trepidation at the thought of nasty instruments
being placed in her ear. It took several people to hold her down
for the procedure, but once everything was in order, it was only
a matter of a few seconds for Anita to extract the offending bean
with a forceps. Just a word of advice, Mildren; be careful where
you put pwa congo after this.......... :)

A very tidy operation; a quick grab and pull and out it came...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cut lip...

This gentleman showed up on our front porch this
morning; seems he'd had a bit of a run in with a
knife... A very nice clean cut...

Several stitches later, and he's on his way. It wasn't all the way
through to his mouth, so it shouldn't really be too serious...

Anita and her girls...

Amy treating an elderly lady...

Practicing an I.V. on Anita...

Kayla, ready for action...

Anita and Kayla puzzling over their dictionary...
"How DO we explain this one in Creole???"

Just the ordinary daily clinic stuff... For every emergency case that gets
talked about, of course there are many many of the usual unromantic
small jobs, that make up the daily routine of a mission nurse.
"A cup of cold water in JESUS Name......." It
has its reward....

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