Monday, September 23, 2013

Diagnosis of the boy with the clouded eye.

Here is the diagnoses we received from the clinic out by Titayan where we sent the little boy with the clouded eye. Also an update from this morning. He came to the clinic this morning and Anita is now working on trying to book him in with a surgeon in Port for the needed surgery. Pray that we would find the right surgeon and that it would be successful.
> And now for the details from Dr. Hager. The official diagnosis was a cloudy cornea likely as a result from a herpes eye infection. He does not currently have an active viral infection.

> His recommendation was to see an ophthalmologist in PAP for surgery to remove the cloudiness from the cornea. He said that even in the US, under the best of circumstances, the best outcome would be a lazy eye with poor vision. But, there is a chance that the surgery would not be successful at all.
> The eye was a bit infected so he gave him the besivance eye drops, 1 drop in the eye four times daily for 7 to 10 days. He also put some drops in his eye for pain.

If you wish to see a picture of the boy with the clouded eye just scroll down to one of the post from last week. Thank you all for praying and for the interest in the work here.

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