Monday, July 22, 2013

Saturday Night Live

   I was almost asleep around mid night Saturday when I heard this distinct noise, "wow, what could that be"? You probably are wondering right now!!!! Yes, it was the very aggressive rap rap rap on the gate post. In fact it was the very knock that makes two of the nurses to scoot out of bed. Steve was the first to make it to the gate, so the girls had been listening to him as they heard him asking what is going on. Yes indeed, it was a lady in labor.
   Needless to say I didn't hear Steve talking with them at all so after a few moments of wondering how I could get out of not having to get out of bed to walk down to the clinic with the nurses, and not hearing the radio going of asking for me, or Glenden I fell into a very peaceful sleep.(HHHmmmm, I feel a bit guilty writing this!!)
   Anyway,Steve walked down with Mis Anita and Mis Katie to the clinic, and after checking everything out, they figured the birth would happen soon, they came back and got some water boiling and went do there again. A healthy little boy was born at 2:00AM, he was 7lbs 2oz. 

Tired but happy parents.

Update from Marla

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