Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mobile Clinic

Praise God, the mobile clinic has been going very well! Due to difficulties in travel (over 6 hours of travel- all of it on trails as bad/worse than our road to Allegre), we didn't begin consultations until nearly 2 PM yesterday. But we still had time to see around eighty people; as of noon today (Saturday) we've already seen around seventy and there's no end in sight!
Pray for strength and wisdom for the nurses, we've seen several fairly severe cases and are trying to make hospital arrangements with the families. And pray for grace and patience for all; sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming! But God is faithful.
The evangelistic services have been going well Praise God!! Pray for many to find the peace and joy of Christ, and pray that we would be examples of His compassion and service. "Come unto Me, all who labor and are heavy laden" still rings sweetly down through the ages 2,000 years later...

Thanks for your love and prayers, and notes of encouragement! God bless each one...

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