Thursday, January 5, 2012

A ministry of love

For the last few months we've been doctoring a dear lady's foot which was infected.

The infection had become so bad her foot was literally rotting off on the one side (Don't worry, no pictures of that...). After sending her to Ti Guave for treatment she has returned. Each evening she comes to have her foot re-wrapped at the clinic, where one of the nurses carefully pulls off the bandage and cleans the gaping wound, putting new wrapping on afterwards.

I have been blessed over and over by seeing this "ministry of love" being demonstrated by our nurses, in essence "washing" this lady's feet over and over. It is a picture of what Jesus has done for us... we were rotten; we were ugly; we were uncared for; we were dirty and unclean. But He stooped down and washed us, cleaned our wounds out, and put healing balm on us, restoring us by His life giving blood and renewing us by His Spirit.

Consider these things as you take a look at the pictures below... God loves us THAT much!!

The only way God can show us He's in control is to put us in situations we can't control. -Steven Furtick.  Control. It feels good. ...