Sunday, June 7, 2020

Update from Brendan Horner


       It was great being back at clinic today. Last week we took off Thursday and Friday to go on a little beach outing with Derek and Lori before they leave. There was a funeral in T-Goave that we went to on Saturday then I stayed the night in T-Goave and came home Sunday afternoon. It seems like I was gone a lot the past few days so it was good to be back at clinic today. 

      It was a normal Monday at clinic. Had a total of 72 patients. My days consist of the usual bandage changes and just help out where needed. One of the patients that came in today is a little baby that is very malnourished, it's so tiny and sick looking. It will stay here at clinic till it is up to 5 pounds. 

       This evening there was another baby born at clinic.

 Having newborn baby's around is always refreshing. When you see a lot of sadness and people die it's always refreshing to see and hold a new life. 

 Brendan Horner, EMT

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