Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pulling the pieces together

Back again!

Sorry about the lack of blogs lately, but our internet was almost non-existent for a little while.  

Here is a picture I've wanted to post for a while.  This young man was brought to the clinic almost 2 years ago as a young lad of 13 y.o. with two badly broken legs.  (Some of you may remember reading about him.  His name is Ernest.)  We sent him out to a hospital that does well with bone fractures, and now he returned to the mountains and came to see us.  He walks very well, and you'd hardly know he was hurt so bad.  I clearly remember his mother didn't want him to go to town for care but wanted to take him to a "leaf" doctor.  To her I think the city and big doctors seemed scary, but for Ernest getting proper care means he can now walk and live a normal life.  

Ernest with his sister and her baby

His right knee  You can see the big scar 

Not exactly clinic, but this was taken at a recent girls' class when we celebrated Joatase's birthday.  I've been happy lately to see some more girls interested in coming and studying the Bible with us.  Also we're facing some struggles with a few of the girls.  Pray for wisdom to know how to encourage them.  

Hospital patient

Since last Fri, elderly lady has been in our hospital.  Her husband, family, and friends take very good care of her.  She has hypertension and diabetes.  We are getting her blood pressure under control, but her sugar is rather stubborn.  I'm hoping to send her home tomorrow.  It's been a pleasure serving her!  

Pepe and his wife

Update from Marla

This post is written by Marla, almost a month ago and I made a mistake and didn’t get it posted. I’m sorry. Enjoy her words almost a month l...