Thursday, January 26, 2017


Hello! My name is Katie. I am still a fairly new member to the team here at Ileg mission...( or so I feel at times) ;)  I arrived November 16th along with my brother James. I took Rachel's place in the pharmacy and the regular bandage station and I  expect to be in there for the next few months. I am also on a birthing team with Kayla, which as been a joy to me to be a part of. Since I haven't blogged yet I'm going to share with you bits and pieces of  things I've been able to be a part of and some things that are a highlight to me!

Visiting people on weekends has been one of my highlights here. Last Saturday a few of us visited a co-worker at clinic (Adolf) and his family. They fed us a Haitian meal and we visited for quite a while which is really good for us that are still learning creole!:)

This is the Adolf  and his family.

Spending time with the children here has been a other highlight of mine! These three neighbor children have found a special  place in my heart since the first day I met them! There's something so special about all  the children here that melts your heart in a way that it can never be the same! 

This is one of my very faithful bandage patients.  He's had a small wound on his leg for quite a while that just wouldn't heal! But this week  I guess it decided to changed its mind!

Thank you all so much for your prayer and support! I know God uses it in more ways  then our eyes can ever see.   Mis Katie.

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