Sunday, May 23, 2021

Update from Mis Marcile

The verse of one of my favorite songs kept running through my mind... "You give and take away, my heart with choose to say Lord, Blessed be your name".  This verse comes to my mind every single time someone dies, and this time it especially seemed to ring. Earlier that day we had delivered a healthy newborn baby, cleaned everything up and left a healthy momma and baby resting on the hospital bed. Later that night we were at clinic checking on the patients in the hospital and finishing up a stitch job when I got a phone call from one of my friends saying that they're brining in her uncle.  This man had been into clinic a couple times in the last 3 months. He was diabetic and this time he came with obvious heart problems. We tried to stabilize him but were not able to make any progress so after contacting one of our doctors we loading up the oxygen tank and our very sick patient and headed to the closest hospital.  I had discussed with the family that he is not in good shape at all and I would be surprised if they would make it to the hospital but we would do everything we possible could to get him there fast. 
He died 10 minutes away from the hospital. 
•God gave us a healthy newborn baby and chose to take away another soul•
Sadly we found out later that the man that died was a witch doctor.
The funeral was so sad. We cried out to God for his presence to hover over us and it did. There were people standing around one of the 3 wives, shaking a banana leaf over her head in an attempt to call in the demons as she was yelling and I believe it was because people were praying and God was there. 
Gloria and Cody have been doing an amazing job with the burn bandage patients and wound care. 

This is Daniella's little girl. She came in malurished, extremely dirt and stinky and with a bad eye infection. The family situation is a mess with the parents not living together. We sent her to another hospital with a good malnutrition program. 
More birthing center progress. This is so exciting but we still need your help for tge project to continue. Please consider helping financially.
Please keep us in your prayers. We need it. -Mis Marcile 

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