Monday, October 31, 2011

Moto tumble...

Good morning everyone!

Over the weekend a troubled moto driver arrived at our gate, bearing an elderly lady on the back and calling for us to open the gate for him.

His distress?

Apparently on his way to his destination he lost control of his moto and crashed, throwing his passenger (the elderly lady) off; she was then promptly (supposedly) run over by another moto!

We opened up the gate and let them in. They set the lady down on the porch so they could examine her injuries and assess the situation. Obviously the most important thing was to make sure there were no broken bones and no internal injuries and then go from there...

She was groaning and letting out cries of pain as Michael examined her. After checking for the aforementioned conditions, he determined that she was probably ok. She was just very upset and shook-up!

So, to help her calm down and feel better, they took her down to the clinic and gave her a shot for pain and some medicine for the next few days... After that she seemed to be doing just fine, so they set her on the moto and they were on their way!

Pictures below!

While we were at clinic a little boy came in needing his toe re-bandaged, so Thea took upon herself the responsibility of taking care of it :)

Update from Marla

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