Thursday, September 12, 2013

A baby in the night... Whitney Reporting!

 Last Thursday night we girls had just finished spending a relaxing girl's evening together down at 'Nita and Rho's abode when we heard someone ring the doorbell... The gate, that is.  Someone was making a clatter at the gate, summoning for our attention.
Glenden soon answered the call and came back shortly, telling us what we were already anticipating- 'There's a lady up at the clinic that's in labor."

'Nita and I are on a team, with Rhoda and Kate making another, to take care of after hour calls, and that night it was 'Nita's and my turn.  We told each other that we'd go check the lady, she wouldn't even be in active labor, we'd come back, go to bed, and we'd sleep. Of course we said that laughing, but we really did think we'd probably be back shortly with no baby born that night.   I didn't even put on a scrub top, since they were all up at the other house anyway. I said before we left that I knew better than to go without, cause everytime I go without one, I end up needing one and wishing I'd worn one...:)
Well, Glenden escorted us to the clinic, 'Nita checked the lady, she was laboring quite actively along, and we stayed to wait it out. I thought it served me right for not grabbing a scrub top! :P

Things progressed fairly quickly, though not as quickly as the mother wished.   She kept entreating 'Nita for a shot of pitocin to make things go faster, and 'Nita patiently kept telling her that she was making very good progress and that it wouldn't be good to make it go faster. We knew she wasn't convinced about that when she started calling 'Nita 'wicked' and 'evil' in Creole! The girl's mother, who was there assisting too, found that quite amusing, as did we! :)

'Nita had some very peaceful music playing, and I thought the lyrics to one of the songs were very fitting when it said, "Now is your time of sorrow, but soon you will rejoice..."
And she did!  At about 2:30a.m, she had a charming little 7lb. 8oz. girl with at least one dimple, maybe two. :) I bathed and bundled her while 'Nita finished assisting with the mother.   As she helped her out of the delivery room, she asked her, "Am I still evil?" She responded with a nod and a smirkish grin on her face. :)
It was nearing 3:00a.m, and were almost ready to go back home, go to bed, and sleep.   It was time to radio home...
"Glenden, do you have a copy, Glenden?" *pause* *repeat*
"Yes, I have a copy."
"We're ready for you to come get us."  
Below is another baby- a boy, that  was born on another late night last week.  That time Rho and  Kate were on call, but DominQue and I were feeling too energetic to go to bed (maybe linked to the fact that we'd  had iced coffee with supper? :), so we got  permission to go down and assist too.  That was a very quiet, peaceful birth.  The baby was actually delivered into his Grandma's arms. :) The picture was taken the next morning.                                                                                                        Have a great day! :)

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