Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ear operations!

The other day we had two people come in with things stuck in their ears! 
Michael was probably feeling like a professional ear-cleaner at the end!

As I came up to the clinic, this little boy was laid out on his dad's lap, with Michael bent over him!

Apparently (the father told him) the boy had paper in his ear...

After quite a bit of digging around, he found this:
It looks like crayon wrapper!
How her got it in there, nobody will ever know... :)

This man came in and said he couldn't hear out of his right ear:
The problem was soon discovered...

He had so much wax inside that it began to get hard, 
forming a crusty substance in his ear canal.

It took some time, but Michael was able to chip it out, piece by piece!

Update from Marla

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