Saturday, January 7, 2012

A small cut in the head...

Today a boy and his mother came to the gate, needing help... it was another head injury.

This one wasn't too bad though and only required a couple stitches. 

The poor little guy was very small for his age, very dirty, and not in very good shape.
He had blood all over his shirt from the cut.

He seemed very scared, 
and didn't respond very well to us talking to him.

Katie Jo tended some sores he had all over his legs, 
possibly a bacterial infection of some kind...

After that, Virginia started the stitching process, with Katie's aid.

It didn't take very long, since it was only 2 stitches.

Once they were done, Katie gave him a cookie... 
He seemed to enjoy it quite a bit, though he hardly cracked a smile the whole time...

Susannah had some new clothes which were sent down to bless a child in need,
so she gifted them to this little guy... his mother was beaming, and he seemed very pleased too!
He had such sorrowful eyes, it was very heartbreaking to look at him.

Lord, help us to continue shining your love to the people of Haiti...

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