Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Well, It's Wednesday-And Wednesday Went Well

    Our morning was off to a good start. Fre Daniel remembered each of the worker's names,except his Wife's, as he prayed before we started. And he even chose the nice song " Precious Lord, Take My Hand" with all the waiting patients.
    I caught myself teasing Nores for getting here when clinic was about done, and he said, "I prayed for you!" He had been at a morning church service.
     Batel, our man with the hip wound, came in this morning with a little scrape on his lower leg.He had fallen on the rocks on Monday. I was just finishing up his deep hip wound, which seems to be progressing well, when Mis Anita walked in.
    "Oh, Mis Anita," Batel exclaimed. And then he burst into tears and would hardly talk for a little.
    "What is wrong?" I asked him, as he tried to tell Mis Anita what he was feeling.
    "I cause too much trouble," he said. "I come so often, and make all the nurses work so much."
    "No, Batel, it is okay," Anita assured him.
    "Sometimes you make me happy in my heart when you sing," I told him. "If God chooses not to make you better, then we are here to help you." I started working on the scrapes on his leg.
   Then Mis Katie walked in. Let's take a picture with him, I said. "I think that would cheer him up." And it did the trick. After we were done, he hugged Mis Katie. Often when Katie is bandaging Batel, they sing, " God can do everything for me." Probably by the next time he will be singing again, with his eyes rolled shut.
Brother Batel, a true picture of Jesus. Truly humble, caring, always smiling, very very dear man. Walking by faith trusting Jesus without a doubt. Walks up to 3 hours for his appointments.

A little while later, Mis Anita asked me to bathe a little 22 day old baby for her. The little dear has a mother who  recently lost her mind. The baby is undernourished, but holding it's own amazingly well, for only weighing 4lb/ 2oz. Since the clinic day was about over, pretty much all the nurses were showing up to give their opinions on what clothing the baby should wear, or exclaim over it's thin, tiny body. Meanwhile, Anita was dosing up a few meds for the baby and requesting some milk to send home with the aunt who brought her in. We will enter this little infant in the milk program now, for weekly milk provisions.

The little malnourished Baby.
He does know how to yell and carry on that's for sure. That is a very good sign and we got him in time. I'm sure in no time he will be a spry little guy. Thanks to all those of you who make it possible to buy milk formula for them.
The sisters holding their babies.
   We had the fun of baby cousins being in the hospital this morning. The one was born out in town because of complications, and returned to our little clinic for follow up. The other one was born last night, right after nightfall. Today, after Anita removed the stitches from the Cesarean birth, that  family was ready to go home.
     At present, and holding my breath, I dare to say our hospital room is empty...Waiting.................
    But in the meantime, I need to spend my afternoon doing sterilizing or we will have a very bad Wednesday one of these weeks. I'm                                                                                                            off to find Whitney to help me.      
                                                                                                                                               Mis Rhoda

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