Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This Little Piggy...

had none. :[   You remember Jean Franz?   I knew it was only a matter of time before his toe came off.  Last Thursday it was dead enough to snip the last little bit of skin holding it on without him even noticing.   I think he was a bit surprised to sit up and see it was gone!  I can't say that I enjoy the feeling of cutting toes off, even if they are dead.   It just doesn't feel quite right.  :]  But on the whole, we're very happy about how his foot is doing!
Below is a picture from today.  It's amazing to see how quickly new skin is growing back!  We were very excited to get more B&W creme, as of yesterday!  We're also bandaging it with boiled banana leaves in place of nonsticks now, which is working great. 
Right now we're spending extra time working with him to exercise his foot every day so he doesn't get foot drop or lose movement in it.   Yesterday when we made him stand up and staighten his hurt foot to the ground, he screamed and cried and begged us to stop.   Today he did it almost willingly, comparatively.  And he seemed proud to show us how much he can move it up and down!   That sure put a smile on our faces. 
Kindra, Rho, and I cheer, high five, and say "Mesi, Bondye!"  (Thank you, God!:)  
As far as when he'll be totally healed up, he still has a long road ahead, and we keenly feel our need for wisdom to know what's best to do, and when.   Right now we're talking about the possiblity of getting some skin grafting done for him, which would have to be done in Port-au-Prince. 
And this little piggy below...probably went to market one too many times without a shoe. 
Actually, it belongs to a poor old man with bad blood sugar problems.  It seems as though the whole top is mostly just rotting flesh, but sadly still alive enough that he can still feel the pain of it.  We lidocained around it and then slowly began cutting away bit by bit of dead flesh...
We decided that it was worth trying masks for this job.  Unfortunately other than fogging my glasses and making our faces hot, they didn't make much of a difference.  :)  To the right is the man's daughter helping hold his leg still. 

Well I'm short on time to write much today, the reason- or maybe excuse, being that Lord-willing Kate and DominiQue will be here tonight (finally!:), so we're eagerly checking things off our to-do list in preparation for their arrival!  ;)  So all for now.  Have a great day, and take care of your toes!  :)

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