Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Its so hard to know what to write after so much has happened in the last couple weeks. 
I'm sure you all heard about our "Boss” Trent being killed in a tragic small plane crash. All the staff here at the mission left for the funeral except for one. Our Haitian nurses kept the clinic going while we were gone. Thanks to everyone who made it possible for us to go! It was such a blessing even though it was emotionally draining and so sad. We said our goodbyes to our families and Erica and the children before heading back to Haiti.

Before heading out to Port and then on the to States for the funeral, we said good bye to our dear Doctor Sasou. She spent a year with us, serving and loving the people she worked with. She had a heart for every single one of her patients and spent the time to talk and laugh with them. She was always willing to go to the clinic for emergency's at any hour of the day or night. She will be greatly missed.

The trip back up the mountains on our way back from the funeral was an interesting one! The trail was blocked by a big dump truck twice! So it took some patience on our part but we still had fun!

Clinic life has been slow. Once the community found out that our "boss" died they just figured that clinic will be closed and told other people that clinic doesn't have any nurses working there!

Cody stayed in the states to go to a Missionary Medical Training and will be returning August 3rd. Kendal Nolt, Gloria's brother came along back to take Cody's place while he’s gone. We miss Cody but are having fun with Kendal here!

This is Kendall. He’s been learning fast! 

I'll introduce you to another new staff member... Marla Zimmerman. She is replacing Our house help girl, Loraine for a month while Loraine is taking furlough.

Marla got to be in on a couple births 

Please pray that we could stay encouraged and faithful in the work we do here. It was very difficult coming back and know that we will never see our Boss Trent again. Also pray that God would provide another Administratter for us! 
- Mis Marcile

Update from Marla

This post is written by Marla, almost a month ago and I made a mistake and didn’t get it posted. I’m sorry. Enjoy her words almost a month l...