Monday, July 8, 2013


Everyone gathering together, getting ready for devotions and prayer this morning.

Anita checking the stroke patient. He seems to be starting to talk more, and also has
movement, at least somewhat in hands and feet. Keep praying for his recovery and his soul.

This lady came in with her ugly infection, of course she doesn't come in regularly on her appointments and it's not really getting any better. My brother Tom is looking on. Wonder what he thinks? At home even as a paramedic he never sees anything like what he has seen here the last week or so.

It's important to take care of ones body, Jesus must live in it, and if we don't take care of it, how shoddy are we in taking care of the spiritual side of our lives?

This lady came in this morning with a horribly infected eye. I could smell the horrid smell
6 feet from her. A month ago she came in with a bug bite on it, but didn't return for
appointment. And this is what happened. Moldy, stinky, puss running out from it, and
flies flying none stop enjoying it all. Pray for the nurses who are dealing with it. 

Daniel the gate guard was sitting reading his Bible when I came out of the clinic. It's always a joy to see. God is at work in their lives and they are hungry for more of God. They often challenge me.

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