Saturday, October 31, 2020

Malnutrition Follow Up.

 Here’s a follow up on few of the babies that have gotten put on the plumps-nut/milk program. They have an appointment, every two weeks, where they come in;  we take the weight and then give them either milk powder or plumpy-nut packets for until their next appointment.

This little girl, Milodia, is 6 months old and weighs, 15lb now. She came in about a month and 1/2 after she was born, and weighed just over 5lbs. It’s been fun watching her grow and get healthy.  She has such a sweet personality  and smiles a lot.  I remember hiding the picture on the left on my phone, because it was hard for me to see her like that, but now she’s chubby with plenty of rolls. ☺️

Roselanda and Roselin are now 13 months old. The twins came in when they were 11 months old and weighed 8lb (Roselin) and 10lb (Roselanda). Roselin now weighs 11lb and his sister, 17 pounds.

Here are some of the other precious little ones that are on the program. When I have an opening in the pharmacy, I’ll go watch Daniella do their checkups. Watching them grow and get healthy, are one of those things that make me stop and thank Jesus for the blessing and gift of life! 


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Thank You!



        Thanks to everyone that contributed to the purchase of a new ultrasound machine for the clinic. The need has been met! Any monies over what was needed will be used for general clinic expenses. 

       We are in the planning stages of a new building for our clinic complex. It will include space dedicated to all things babies and their mamas. An operating room/dental office that visiting teams of Dr's and Dentist's will be able to use for specialty stuff that can be very difficult to get done, especially for the mountain people that we serve. Keep watching as more info regarding this upcoming project will be coming soon!

Again, thanks and God bless each one for continuing to support GTH! 

Monday, October 12, 2020


Over the last couple years we have been very thankful for an ultrasound machine that was donated by a very generous donor for our use here at Centre De Sante Clinic. Unfortunately, it broke down and we are in desperate need of a new one!

The ultra sound machine is a very important tool for the clinic here in Haiti as the next closest location is an extremely uncomfortable moto ride out to town. The ride is especially uncomfortable for pregnant women. Many of the woman that we send for an ultrasound are unable to go because they don't have the funds, family will not allow them to go or they can't take the uncomfortable ride. Here at clinic, we provide an ultrasound for almost free and can be done on their scheduled appointment, making it much easier for them AND us! 

For me as a midwife, it is extremely important that these woman get an ultrasound exam done. Especially for some of the woman with high risk pregnancies. There are instances when an ultrasound exam is needed ASAP to help us make decisions in emergencies and just regular life, but its impossible for the mom to go get one done. 

There are approximately 250 pregnant woman that come to the clinic for their monthly prenatal checkup. I send over half of these women to town for an ultrasound but only approximately 5 of them are able to go. 

The ultrasound machine that we are hoping to buy costs approximately $6,500. At this point $3200 has been donated and we are hoping to raise the other $3,300 asap!

Donations can be made via PayPal by hitting the donate button in the sidebar, or by sending a check to: 

                                                                      Gospel To Haiti Inc.                                                                                                                                     E4846A Meyer Road                                                                       Reedsburg WI. 53959

Fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

Your help is GREATLY appreciated!


Sunday, October 4, 2020

Update from Mis Marcile


It feels so good to have a quiet relaxing Saturday!  I'm laying here in a hammock in the gazebo enjoying the nice breeze and reminiscing over the last 2 weeks. There's something about a breeze/wind that is so relaxing... it always makes me think about God's voice... sometimes loud and sometimes in a whisper then sometimes it feels like he's not there at all because you don't hear or feel anything. But that's where faith comes in and you believe that God is still there!

The last 2 weeks have been... fun, exciting, thrilling, sad, exhilarating, exhausting and amazing! I'll start with the fun and exciting:)

Some of my family came to visit me and my brother (James)... I was extremely excited about this visit because I hadn't seen them since I came to Haiti in November 2019. It's always so refreshing to have friends and family come and visit. They did an amazing job of helping with the work around the mission like house cleaning, pressure washing, tearing down the old cook shack, and just "being around" and "being themselves"!

=Bassin Bleu=

On Saturday we decided to make a trip to Bassin Bleu. We left early in the morning and arrived around lunch time. The ride was less than enjoyable for me as I get car sick! We hiked down a little foot path for about 20 min. Bassin Bleu is a beautiful place... there are 2 huge pools of water and a beautiful water falls. We spent hours enjoying the nice cool water, resting, eating and watching the guys jump off of the rocks into the water.

One Tuesday we decided the make a quick trip to the beach... thankfully clinic was small so we could get our work done and head out. It was such a relaxing fun day! Good food, snorkeling, clear skies, hot sun, good laughs and then on the way home machine problems out in the middle of no where... thankfully the guys got it fixed with out any problems or it wouldn't have been fun!

My sister Lydia had some friends here in Haiti that she wanted to visit. So one afternoon we hiked up to Jean Wilner and Selma. It started pouring down rain about 5 min out the trail which made for a very interesting hike!

Then the sad and exhausting... 

We have been having quite a few births, most of them have gone well. But one birth especially was difficult... A mom came in 29 weeks pregnant with contractions... after observing her and doing a urine test I saw she had an infection. We treated her for the infection and decided to keep and observe her for any further change. I went home to grab a bite to eat and rest a bit. About an hour and half later a knock came at the gate, a nurse is needed at clinic. When I arrived at the clinic I was surprised see the the mom feeling pushy and at 7 cm dilated! We quickly discussed our options and decided there was no time to go to another hospital and we quickly prepared for the birth of a premature baby. 10 min later a pink wiggling tiny girl made her appearance!  She did very well the first 2 min the started going backwards fast. once she was wrapped in a heating pad and put on oxygen things looked better and after discussing the situation and talking with the parents we decided to transport to a hospital with a NICU. She made it to the hospital, but was not in good shape... they did everything they could, but the next morning we got the news that she went to be with Jesus.

I'm so thankful for Gods continual presence and guidance. He is so faithful! 

Please continue to pray for us... 

~ Mis Masi

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