Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"God did it", so we better would, too!

     Every bed had been full. Wow! We tried to still the panic in our hearts as the realization struck us. But God has been good. Other than throwing a mat on the floor, and losing sleep, it worked out! A few patients were able to leave exactly as we were needing more beds. We read this morning that God commands his loving kindness in the daytime. Can we believe that even when it feels like our plate is overfilled?!  Even if the medicines we wish for aren't available to us?
     We had two bed sore men who couldn't walk. That means that every day we get to clean those wounds out down to the bone...and then, we turn them, give them their medicines, shots, and new bandages. But the one is a Christian, and we became great friends!
      Friday we had a man return after about four months of negligence. He had healthy little maggots gobbling around on his rotting foot. Mali and Kindra and Doctor Felix put on some toothpaste masks and got busy scrubbing, rubbing, and cutting on that piece of meat. Unluckily the surrounding atmosphere had a somewhat foggy scent. And everybody was glad when the bandage was closed up and he could go sit outside. 
    Life is so full of change. The cholera epidemics keep coming and going. We have been obligated to use the "little house on the hill" as a place for their cots.  Hans jumped on his motorcycle and ran out to TiGoave this week to get some more intravenous fluids. He got back just in time. Our last bag of saline fluids was dripping into the veins of a patient when he returned. Please pray that the epidemic would stop. The Red Cross has been trying to get involved this year, and they have showed up several times to help provide buckets for clean water and education to the uneducated. 
    There are so many decisions to make each day in the clinic. Please pray for the nurses as they face life/death crises and need to reach conclusions fast when the options are few. I am leaving for the States tomorrow to follow more nursing education, and I feel my heart tearing apart. I worry about the nurses and staff. Their job is not easy. Their tears fall often. The much needed nights of sleep are never promised. The patient may never respect what they taught them. The gauze might run out when they most need it. Or weather and sickness might keep three of the workers home the same day...and it drains them. Please pray for them! Whitney is in charge. Kindra and Mali are her shoulders to lean on. And then EllaMae is in the pharmacy. 
     We were up to the big hospital in Mirebalais this week. Some of our patients got help. Some didn't. Please pray that Hans would be able to keep courage and spirit in that work. It is a draining drive, and results come slow. 
     I know that the Spirit of the Lord is here. The other day we were so blessed when we saw one patient buying food for another patient. "God did it," was her reply, as to what made her want to buy food for the boy in the hospital. 
    And one of our tuberculosis/malaria patients recommitted his life to the Lord. I wanted to chant my own little "Hallelujah Chorus" when I saw him stand up in church and give his testimony. I was ready to say, "God did it!" 
   On Sunday we clinic workers stood up and sang together one last time before we are separated. I felt like it was closure. Like it was sad. "But God did it",and everything is going to be all right. 
     A patient met us on the trail yesterday. "Thank-you, nurses. If it wouldn't be for you I would be dead."
     And our heart's reply? "God did it." It was a Saturday/Sunday case. We were tired, but God said, "Go."
     Is the God in us so strong that when our bones creak, we can still go out on the porch and spread love to someone because "God did it" for us? 
     Good-bye, Haiti! 
     And to my heroic siblings here, "God bless you. You are a mighty team, and I am extremely proud of you. Love you lots," RO

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