Sunday, November 20, 2016


Letters joined make words,
And words to books may grow,
As flake on flake, descending,
Forms an avalanche of snow.

A single utterance may good
Or evil thoughts inspire;
One little spark, enkindled,
May set a town on fire.

What volumes may be written
With little drops of ink!
How small a leak, unnoticed,
A mighty ship will sink!

A tiny insect’s labor
Makes the coral strand,
And mighty seas are girlded
With grains of golden sand…

Our life is made entirely
Of moments multiplied,
As little streamlets, joining,
Form the ocean’s tide.

Our hours and, aye, our months and years,
Are in small moments given:
They constitute our time below,
Eternity in Heaven.
the beauty of a rose

I was struck by the profoundness of this poem the other week when Donny read it in devotions. Little things can have a huge impact on the world! It could be just a smile to brighten someone's day... or a word fitly spoken to cheer someone on their way. Or on the flipside, we could ruin someone's day if we have a sour attitude. Yes, we have an influence on the people around us! Will I be able to look back at the end of the day with joy or sorrow because of my actions and attitudes to those my life has touched?? 

a sunset on the trail

Life in the clinic continues... some days are easy; and some, not so easy. The weather has changed. Cooler air brings an over abundance of children and adults in with coughs and colds and fevers.

Rachel & Ellamae

And time brings more change... Our dear faithful teammate, Mis Ellamae, is gone. She was a huge blessing to the patients and a very supportive coworker! But, the time came for her to leave. We bid adieu and she went back to the land of snow flurries and warm fuzzy blankets. "We miss you, Ellamae! God be with you and bless you as you follow His will and move on from here."

Kayla and Ellamae with big smiles after a stressful birth

I apologize for the silence on this blog for the last few weeks. Just so you know, we are still here and covet your prayers as we continue on in the work. =) 


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