Monday, April 1, 2013

Axe versus foot? Which won??

   As 6 PM rolled around Wednesday evening I was thinking that it is going to be a quiet evening with no clinic calls, and everyone will be able to relax. That thought was quickly brought to a halt when a horse pulls up to the mission gate and someone helps a man down and brings him over to Steve's porch, all we could see was a foot all wrapped up.
   Anita and Rhoda were called and in a short time we loaded him onto the bobcat and drover over to the clinic with him and his friend carried him into the clinic.
   The pictures are pretty self explanatory but here is what happened that brought him in, he was chopping away on some wood with his axe when suddenly the axe landed on his left foot, it cut a huge gash along one tendon, severing it, and kind of split open one toe, it took a number of hours for Anita to go through it and clean it out, she did get one piece of bone out but nothing was broken, we were thankful it wasn't worse. We finally got home around 11:30.

Usually things like that draw big crouds.

His friend carried him right into the clinic and onto the bed.

Pretty bad gash, can you see the severed tendon?

Getting Ready to clean the wound.

Starting the IV, was quite easy.

Megan studying the wound, (and not even fainting)

Good job Anita, almost done.

Rhoda giving him a drink while Anita is digging away in the wound.

We were all quite proud of the nice stitch job Anita did!!!
Good Job Miss Anita!!

This is what the foot looks like today. (Monday)

Reason for not having had blog posts for a number of days now is because we are having problems with out internet service, we will continure to update as often as we can, Thank you all for your support.


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