Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mountainside tumble III !

This 9 year old little girl came in on Wednesday afternoon at around 3...
The story we were told was that she had fallen down the mountain a little
ways, then falling rocks had slammed into her head. The evidence was
certainly there- several severe gashes on the top and back of her head,
along with various scrapes and lacerations elsewhere. At first, the nurses
weren't particularly worried; it looked nasty, but she was very alert and
"with it", and didn't seem to be in as bad a shape as several similar cases
we've dealt with. But then, through feeling the back of her head, they
discovered a rather large "soft spot" in a wound area, that seemed to
indicate a more serious fracture than we had realized before. So it was
decided that it would be best for her to go out to see a doctor, and be
where there was the possibility of getting an x-ray if that was deemed
necessary. Since it wasn't an immediately critical situation, and we've
been having difficulty with several vehicles here at the mission, we opted
to send her out with a "moto" (motorcycle); so we hauled her and her
parents up to the closest market and sent them on their way- dad
sitting behind to support her on the way...............

Here she is with her mom, just before heading out. Her head is already
bandaged up and wrapped in a cloth to keep the dirt out, always a
problem in this dusty, dirty environment. Please pray for their family,
 they didn't profess to be Christians and the dad had obviously
been drinking. God can use anything to
point people to Himself!!!

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