Sunday, April 30, 2017

Cuts and Cholera

Our days at clinic have recently been filled with quite a variety of things. We have continued to see cholera the past several weeks as heavy rains continued to fall nearly every day. Thankfully we seem to have a momentary break in the cholera cases the last couple days. But we have had a lot of people showing up with the complaint of diarrhea, and/or vomiting. Not all of them have cholera....some are just worried they do, and then it's our job to figure out the truth and treat accordingly. 

We also had two trips out to Ti-Guave with very ill patients who needed to be transferred to the hospital, this past week. That is always a rough trip on the rugged trail, but thankfully things went smoothly both times. 

One day after clinic this past week, we made good use of a bit of sunshine, and took our opportunity to go visit some people. We still haven't figured out how the Haitian children always win at Dominos, but we had a lot of fun and enjoyed spending time with people outside of the clinic. 

Another afternoon all of us clinic staff were able to go visit a lady named Rose. Back in November Rose delivered her first baby at our clinic, but the baby died a few days later after a very traumatic birth. Thankfully Rose is doing very well today, and we had a delightful visit at her house. Times like this are refreshing and encouraging, seeing people thrive who have been through very intense and even life-threatening situations at our clinic. May God get all the glory!

This was during our visit at Rose's house. The little girl was shy, and so precious!

These children kept us company for an afternoon, and beat us at Dominos repeatedly....they can be full of mischief, but are lovable, and often come in to clinic with their little scrapes and cuts, for a bandaid!

This little lady came one day for a bandage, along with one of our regular bandage patients who is a dear friend of ours. 

This cute little guy was shy and didn't want to smile.... he was at clinic this week for a visit with Mis Kayla....he loves her!

Mis Katie did this very nice stitch job early one Saturday morning. 

A familiar scene the last while.... a cholera patient just arrived, on a cot.

The group of us that went to visit Rose.

That's all I have this time....thanks for praying for the work here, and please keep it up! =)
-Mis Sharon

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