Wednesday, August 26, 2020


 Words don’t always come, so pictures will have to speak. Here is some of the moments that blessed me over the past couple months.

While a soft rain was falling, and the sun rising; the roosters, and every morning creature, were filling the background air with their songs of praise. It all made me stop for a moment, and ponder what Heaven must be like. ♥️ 

Brendan, Emma and I had just come back from clinic after a perfect birth.

That night was a blur, and it still remains somewhat blurry in my memory. 

It was 10:00 at night, people were everywhere roaming from room to room....Voices of chatter mingled, with the cry of those in labor, filled the air. Things felt out of control, yet we had no choice but to pull through. And we did, with God’s help!

  Once the night ended, there was a baby born, and two other patients sent out to town. One of those, was this lady. They came to visit us one day, while on their way back home.

This was during church. It blessed me so much to look behind me and see this child singing her heart out! ❤️ Most people don’t have hymn books. They sing from memory, even the little children.

We went and visited a friend “doc” (she’s in her 3-4th year of school).  Covid had closed her school, so she came up to Aleg to stay with her family. She spent several months here and helped out at clinic doing various jobs.  Now that school has started again, she has returned to Port-a-Prince to continue her studies.  Her joyful personality, sweet spirit, and her help will be missed.

The gifts they give, bless me over and over again. Financially living here is tough for a lot of people, and yet they still give.

This little girl is a twin, but her brother is a lot smaller. I guess they favored her over the boy when it came to food!?!? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyways, the mom had stayed in the hospital room for a least a week, while we monitored the little boy. Both babies got put on the plumpy-nut/milk program and are doing (especially the boy) a lot better.

Ps. She’d often greet me with a smile, when I’d go see her in the mornings.  ❤️

It took this introvert awhile to appreciate this sight...This is often the giveaway to knowing wether or not you’re having “unexpected” company.

My ears caught the sound of voices in beautiful praise, while I strolled across the guy’s patio. It seemed like it was coming from bosses house, so I followed it. Sure enough, I found these three playing and singing away.  ❤️ While I sat there and listened, my thoughts turned heavenward, wondering what it will be like to stand around the throne of God singing praises that all can understand. Oh, what a day that will be! ☺️ 

Until next time,  Michaela

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