Saturday, November 16, 2013

Good-morning, World !

     I had heard the knock, and it didn't stop. I figured I couldn't lie myself out of this one. Even if it was before six o'clock on a Saturday. I got up, and started wandering around looking for my wits.
     And then, I heard Nate at the window, saying that someone had a fairly serious gash on  his arm. "I'm thinking maybe stitches," he said, in his sleepy voice. 
    "Okay," I replied in my even sleepier voice. "We will be out to check on it." 

    So that was the beginning of our wonderful Saturday. It took about an hour or more to get his long cut back into shape enough that he could go home. Most of the mission staff appeared, one by one, some still toting coffee cups. And then, they were off to TiGoave, leaving us to clean up and wrap up our little old man. He left, cheerily, promising to return with a gift of peanuts for us. 
    It was now getting close to 7:30, and since we were hoping to get out to town, too, we locked up the doors, and said good-bye to our Haitian friends.
    So, then, we ran off. Off the map...but only as far as TiGoave. You haven't been hearing much from us for a few reasons. Sure, I could write about ten other stories about our week and ten excuses for not telling them to everyone. But I will just say that God has been good, and we have been blessed. 
    One little piece of news about Club Foot Samuel, that you all have met on another blog. He had a close call with death last week, when he came in for an appointment in preparation for his operation. We haven't been able to hear news on his health yet, since we sent him out to Laogane eight days ago. So we are still praying for him. 
     That same fateful day we also sent out a tiny, malnutritioned baby who seemed to have pneumonia REALLY bad. He was getting fed about once a day, because someone had told his mom that was the way to work the mom/baby thing. It obviously wasn't all. Yes, we are still praying and waiting to hear if he is still alive, too.
   Have a great Sunday, you all! And thanks for joining us in our prayer burdens. God is so big!

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