Monday, March 4, 2013

"The Mystery" !!!

   This morning when Anita and Rhoda came to the clinic there was a gentleman waiting for them by the name of Christian Gabriel. Hmmmmm, don't often hear that name.
   What we could gather from his wife and those with him, he had fallen on Saturday night sometimes, details are few because no one seemed to know where and how and why he fell. They also told us that they left at 2:00 AM this morning and got here at 7:00, so they had quite a ways to walk and it sounded like they didn't have any road except a trail to walk on.
    The obvious symptoms though, are that the left side of his head and his left hand are a swollen and bruised. What the nurses can't figure out is why he is going in and out of consciousness, and although he appears to be sleeping peacefully he is actually unconscious.
   Pastor Levy stayed here over night, (he lives in Ti-Goave) and is now getting ready to head back to town, so Anita is getting Christian ready for a rough and tumble ride to the hospital where they are able to perform more tests and hopefully diagnose the problem.
Christian and his wife by his side.

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