Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Love of Jesus

The love of Jesus to me is greater then anything else I've ever known. 
These words to this very familiar song rang in my mind this week as we worked with people and tried  to show them the love of Jesus that is so great! In Haiti especially, there is a great recognition of God, and God most definitely exists to these people and they all might "believe" in him. But there's such a great lack of love for him. Just like anywhere. Oh God help us to show them your love so that they can learn to love you how your people are meant to love you.  

So yet another week has past by and clinic has began to pick up and become busier And busier. This time of year seems to always be a bit more busy because the Haitians gardens are either harvested,or are nearly harvested so therefore  they have more time and money on their hands to come to clinic. Thank the Lord for cayenne pepper! It's become quite the famous answer to making a child sneeze after they've put a been or corn kernel up there nose.  
(Miss Kayla administering the cayenne)

Between Thursday evening and 1:00 Friday morning, there were 3 babies born at clinic. 
(James enjoying one of them as company as we awaited for the next one to be born.)

( (Here's the 3 babies)
All 3 mothers were first time mom's.  
There was 1 girl and 2 boys. 
All 3 births went very well and all 3 babies are doing well. 

It can't get any better then when your 4 year old patient sleeps as you put stitches in!
She was the bravest little thing. 
She was on a moto (motorcycle) on her way home from school when her foot got caught up in the sprockets.
She's a very fortunate little girl. 
The cut was very long and deep,
but thankfully didn't cut any tendons. 
 She still has all movement and feeling. 

Sunday evening James and I responded to knock on the gate saying we needed to go to clinic for something serious. When we arrived, we witnessed a young 19 year old man sitting out side the gate at clinic and he was  covered from head to toe in blood. As the story came out, he had just been stabbed 2 times from a "friend"/ fight.
As we assessed him,we found that he did have 2 very deep stab wounds. One to the chest, and the other just below his shoulder blade on his back. 
Just as we were able to begin work on the first guy,we got news that another one was coming. So we quickly prepared for another. 
This time it was a middle aged man that had nothing to do with the fight,but happened to have been passing by at the moment and was hit on the forehead with a rock!
Both men are very fortunate. We were able to stitch both of them up, give them some meds for the pain,and then kept them for a few days.    We were able to explain to the young man how fortunate he is to still have life and that he's not just lucky,but that God spared his life because of his great love for him! He acknowledged that, but needs to hold it in his own heart. You can pray that he wouldn't forget that,but that God could use this instance to reach him in such a way and become his saviour!

Your prayers I know are never in vain. So please continue to pray for us as we strive together to further the kingdom of Christ.  
As always,we say Thank you!

               Mis katie 

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