Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Joys

     Each day we see pain in the eyes of the young,
     Old, withered, people who've suffered so long.
     Eyes filled with darkness and faces of fear
     Somedays it's hard to see Joy through the tears.

     It's then that our God sends us down gifts of Joy;
     Smiles on the face of a once dying boy,
     Bubbling laughter from a miserable face,
     Or a miracle happening in a sad, hopeless, case.
     In the midst of the stresses He sends us the grace
     To cling to the beauty- the joys to embrace
     For just as there is sunshine after the rain,
     So there is beauty-our strength through the pain.

                                              This is our favorite, 'special' baby.
               Each morning she comes she cheers all of us nurses with her priceless little face.


    A VERY cute lil cupcake who was born for Ro and Mali after a smooth, uncomplicated, birth.

            I'm hoping some of you remember Danise, a sweet girl who came in over a year ago
             with a badly rotten foot. We've been bandaging her ever since, and just this week
              I told her she doesn't need to come back anymore. I love her happy smile!

                         This is a little guy Whit held all the way to town as he fought for life.
                       This week he came back, smiling from ear to ear and in stable condition.

                                        Let's thank God for the joys today! - Mis Kate

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