Friday, August 28, 2020


Hello to everyone reading this. 

Wow, what a crazy week we’ve just had. 

Last Sunday tropical storm Laura hit us. It rained Sunday morning harder than I’ve ever seen in my life. All three of our houses on the compound got water in them. Us guys house was the worst. We had water pouring in underneath a door we longer use. We were using a 6 gallon shop-vac, a mop, and several towels to try and keep ahead of the water pouring in. Not until after James was able to put a piece of an old moto tube under the door and the rains lightened up were we able to keep the water from pouring in.

During mid-day the rains lightened but the wind increased until that evening. 

Sometime in the late afternoon, we were informed that a tree fell onto Violitha’s father and killed him. 

Violitha is a student doctor that has been working at our clinic between the times she is in port-au-prince for tests. She is a good friend to all of us that work at clinic. He was a good Christian man, so he is now in a much better place, but we are all saddened by his death. 

Please lift Violitha’s family in prayer as his death was very sudden and such a shock. 

Monday was a very small day at clinic. We only had 5 patients. Most people either couldn’t come to clinic or they were cleaning up after the storm. 

Tuesday we had 35 patients and everything went about as usual. Tuesday evening Marcile got a call from a lady she had been following here at clinic that was pregnant with twins. Several of us jump on a machine and go to her house to check on her. She was in labor and unable to walk to clinic so we brought her down to clinic. 

Wednesday morning at 5:14 John Walner, one of the guys that works at the compound came to our gate saying his wife was in labor and needing a ride from church to clinic, which is about a 3 minute drive on the machine. 

I go pick Selma up on the machine and bring her to clinic. 

About 20 minutes after she gets to clinic the baby was born. 

The baby boy is their first child. John Walner was so excited. I can’t even describe how happy he was. 

I was expecting to be back in the states when the baby was to be born but he was born a month early. I am very happy I could be here and experience the joy with John Walner and Selma. 

Later that day the twins of the mother we brought in the night before were born. One a girl and the other a boy. 

Wednesday evening I took 2 patients down to the tigwav hospital that had come to clinic that day. Mis Micky also came back from her brother’s wedding so I picked her up while I was down in town. 

Thursday was pretty much another normal day at clinic except there were 2 more babies born early that morning. 

Since mis Emma is no longer here Marcile has been doing all of the births. She has had 5 births in 2 days, and has handled it all like a boss. Great job Marcile.

Today was a crazy busy day at clinic. I didn’t count how many patients yet but it was a lot. 

We had 2 drs and 3 nurses in clinic today. 

Dr Males from the states is in the area for a few days so he was here at clinic today. 

I am very sad that I only have 2 days at clinic yet before I leave. 

I will miss my work here at clinic and the people I work with. 

I’ve seen very many happy people.  I’ve prayed for miracles to happen and some of those prayers came true. 

On the flip-side, I’ve seen many hurting people, not only hurting because of a medical problem but hurting spiritually.  There’s also been a few times where God did not answer my prayer for a miracle the way I had prayed. 

It’s very difficult to explain the mixed emotions I feel about leaving here, but I’m at the end of this chapter of my work here in Aleg. 

I will never regret coming here as I have learned so much. Probably the thing I’ve learned the most is to simply trust God in any situation I find myself. 

No matter what you are facing in life, ‘look to your All Mighty Father in heaven.’ 

You will never face anything in life that is to big for the creator of the universe to handle. 

            Brendan Horner. EMT

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