Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One of those jobs


Normally you see these instruments in those bloody stitch job posts.  After a few weeks we accumulate quite of stack of dirty instruments, and then it's time to dig out the sterilizer, roll up your sleeves and set to work.  (I have to say it's one of those less favorite jobs.)  

Here Rhoda and Megan are doing the initial scrub

Spreading them out to dry off and sort into instrument sets
(That is: birth sets, stitch sets, and stitch removal sets.)

Megan and Marcile packaging the sets


Since Jon's office is close to where we had the sterilizer on the gas range, he was asked to watch it for us.  Here he is studying the instructions.  

Rhoda now packaging it all in layers in the sterilizer.  

Some M&Ms and chocolate help us through the job!  :-) 

A few hours later, all the packages are sterilized and laying on the table to dry, this time clean and ready to make their rounds again!  

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