Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More picking being done...

There have been so many incidents with picks you would almost wonder if there was a serial-picker going around, causing mayhem and panic amongst the inhabitants of Aleg.

Well, it turns out, there is no one person inflicting all these injuries: with everyone working their gardens, it's just Murphy's law in full motion! :)

As you might have gathered already, this person came to the gate with a pick-inflicted injury. This time it was on one of his fingers...

Breanna was on call that day. When she was called out to the clinic she found it to be a little much for just a band-aide. They decided it needed to be stitched!

Anita cleaned the wound further and got ready to stitch. 

Wow. Laid open, clean to the bone!

Further cleaning, getting dirt (and such) out of the wound and sterilizing it.

Team work!
Anita and Breanna work together to get lidocaine into the syringe...

Unfortunately the man was slightly drunken and kept moving his arm around.

So Breanna held his arm still!

Finally they finished!
Good job, team!

After bandaging it up, the man was able to go home!
He has a checkup scheduled soon for his stitches to be taken out.

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