Monday, August 12, 2013

From relaxing weekend to stitching!!!!!!!

   We got home from our annual weekend trip last night and after packing up and getting ready for bed we heard quite the ruckus for about 2 minutes, all the while my heart sped up certain that it could mean a short night for some nurses. Sure enough, there was a prolonged sharp rap on the gate. Everyone gathered from their perspective places on the compound to see whats happening, (not eagerly though!!!) What we saw was about 15 to 20 people all blabbering away, I couldn't see that anyone was listening at all, some of them were carrying home made oil lamps, they parted and their on the ground lay a stretcher with a plastic tarp over it. They pulled it off. It was an older gentleman, his head looked horrible to say the least, he had a big gash on the right, upper back side of his head right to the skull, the left side of his face was all bloody and dirty some cuts scattered at a number of places, and also a but on his left arm.
   It sounded as if he was out in an area where there are few houses around on a cliff cutting down fire wood when he slipped and fell backwards, hitting the back side of his head first kept rolling and dragging his head. His family went looking for him when he didn't return and then they couldn't get to him to take him out so they had to bring a rope and lift him out.
   Anita and Katie took on the job and finally finished up around 3 AM this morning.
I see five deep wounds.

Katie is cleaning out all the wounds.
Stitching the back of his head.

Good picture of the operating room.

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