Thursday, July 1, 2021

Someone needs YOUR help

H E L P.   N E E D E D

  A desperate knock on the gate came early at 6 o'clock am. I tried to get the full story of the emergency from my bedroom window but was unable to, so I ran to the gate. I tried to pull together the story but it was slightly confusing. I did get that there was a mom in labor and she was having problems, so after running to check with the guys to see if we could take the machine and pick them up, they agreed and we hit the road. After driving a lot farther than we expected we arrived to find that the mom was on her way on a cot to meet us. 
  Finally after about 30 minutes, we saw the crowed approaching carry the mom. I was slightly nervous as I had no idea what to expect. They sat the cot on the ground and I started the examination. As I pulled back the sheets I tried to hide the gasp from slipping out. There lay a HUGE dead baby, we guessed it to be around 12 - 13 lbs. It was not normal... the skin was almost totally peeled off and there wss something very wrong the the umbilical cord and the insertion. After questioning the family and birth attending more, I found out that the baby's head had been delivered at 10pm the evening before and the rest of the baby's body delivered on the trail just as they were on their way to meet us. That means the head was out for about 9 hrs! I wasn't totally surprised by the looks of the baby. Upon further examination a realized that there wasn't just one baby! There was still one more baby that hadn't been born yet. Things did not look normal at all so we decided to transport the mom to the tigwav hospital. There she delivered a "baby". The nurses said it wasn't even a baby so it must have been extremely deformed. 
  This lady now suffers from a fistula. She is constantly wetting herself as she has no bladder control. She is also in constant pain and is begging for help. I sent her to a hospital to get a consultation and find out how much the surgery would cost. Her doctor told her she has to have the surgery before August 3rd. If she waits to have the surgery done until after August 3rd it will be too late. 
  So I am trying to raise $1,800 so she can have her surgery done. I only have about 2 weeks to raise this money.
   So PLEASE help me help this dear lady out! If she doesn't have this surgery done she will have pain and will constantly be wetting herself for the rest of her life. 
You can help thru PayPal HERE, or send or send it thru cashapp, using the cashtag $GospeltoHaiti.
You can always send a check but the previous options would be better since it's time sensitive. 
Please specify what your funds are for. Thanks so much!
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