Saturday, March 11, 2017

Meet the Allege Staff!!

The past week has been a good week! God is blessing us with small clinic days. I believe that He sees when we need a break so we are ready for the next crunch. We missed Kayla this past week as she is home visiting her family but everyone is doing a great job of filling the vacancy.

Here are some pics to walk you through a day in our clinic and meet all our staff.  Each of the staff play a vital role in helping the clinic run smoothly.

When you arrive, you will meet Frè Kadèt. He is our gate guard. He will ask you who is sick and make sure you find a place to sit. Then he will give you a number to hold until you are called to make a dossier. Frè Direct and Frè Reynold will get you in the system and determine who you need to see. Frè Nores will be roaming around to make sure that everyones needs are met. Frè Adolph will find your chart and call you in. He will make sure you are weighed and ready to have your vitals taken.

This week Mis Katie will take your vitals and send you to see a nurse. Sè Bridget will be mopping, sweeping, and cleaning keeping the place nice and tidy. Patrick keeps us supplied with cut gauze. He also helps with laundry etc. The last people you will see are our pharmacists Madam Ledger and Zitha. They will fill your prescriptions.

After you have your vitals taken, you will be sent to see a nurse. Mis Sharon sees all our pregnant ladies. She follows the ladies on the program monthly to watch for any complications that may occur. Frè James is doing the blood pressure program while Kayla is home. He will ask if you have taken your medications today, determining if you can stay on the same medication or if you need to change. You will need to come back monthly so we can manage your blood pressure. Mis Leda, Mis Jocelaine, and Mis Alyssa will see you for general consultations. You will be referred to Dr. Felix if concerns are noted. Mis Katie is here to do your bandages. She will follow you closely asking you to come back on a regular schedule.

A few other highlights this week…...

Katie and I with a baby that was born. He was a healthy little man who had a very smooth delivery. 

Also, Mirland came back, the little girl I had blogged about several weeks ago. She has seizures that where debilitating her daily life. A miracle, her amount of seizures has decreased to almost none. She is back in school!!! I was so happy when her mom told me the story, all I can say is Mèsi Bondye!!

Thanks for your continued support!

~ Mis Alyssa

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