Sunday, April 17, 2011

Physician, Heal Thyself...

Apparently, a rock throwing incident caused this young gentleman to seek
refuge on the front porch. It wasn't too serious, just a little bandage job.

Andrew Klewin from WA is staying down here for a little over a month...
He's not here to work with the clinic, but does happen to be an EMT
so he enjoys getting in and helping with the medical stuff every now
and then.........

Unfortunately for Andy, his thumbnail got smashed by a piece of steel,
and that really "put the pressure on!!!!" He finally sought relief....

...With a needle heated on our propane stove. A very effective
pressure relief system for fingernails....

....Obviously! That's gross Andy, but glad you feel better!!! :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Baby

Left to right: Father, 12 year-old brother, mother, assistant holding baby.

This is the second of 2 births this week at clinic. In this picture they are almost ready to head for home. This lady came in around 6:30 or so in the morning. When we went down a little before clinic time, we decided we should stay. We hadn't eaten breakfast yet so Shana graciously sent us plates. We went into the adjoining room for a few minutes and ate really fast! After the other birth this week being traumatic, I felt a little traumatized already. I noticed pretty early on that we were again dealing with meconium staining--not a good sign. At one point, she was feeling pretty weary, and I told her that with God she could do it. She asked me to pray with her so I had a short prayer in Creole, sang a little, and prayed in English too. I didn't know if she was a Christian or not. Then for a while things just weren't moving along. I was again a bit worried. Clinic was about over by now, and Mis Leida poked her head in. She said she thought she might need to go out. That discouraged me because I wasn't sure that was necessary, but the people had heard her say it. Needless to say when I saw progress not too long after that I was glad. The baby was born, but didn't breathe or cry right way. I almost thought we had lost it, but praise God, He was faithful again. It was a healthy big boy--8 lbs 14 oz. The mother and father were so happy. The mother told me that she remembered how I had prayed with her. I asked her if she was a Christian, and she said not yet. She seemed to have some interest. I told her I'd pray for her. Most people just go on their way in a routine fashion, but this family was so happy and so grateful. The 12 year old brother held the baby and seemed pleased. The father could hardly stop smiling. It was special to be able to witness to them and see them so happy and thankful. About 1 1/2 hours after the birth, they were all ready to walk home!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gravity Wins...

This young gentleman had a problem with gravity; apparently
gravity won. :( You guessed it- he fell out of the garden.

The nurses had a hard time telling exactly what was wrong with his arm;
there was obviously something not right, but they weren't sure whether
it was out of joint or broken. So we took him out to the hospital in Ti
Guave; there we were informed that, since they didn't have any current
at the time, it would be impossible to have an x-ray done that night.
We decided to run on out to Leogane to the Medicin San Frontier
hospital there. (Doctor's Without Borders). We dropped him off there
and stopped in the next day to check in on him........

As you can see, he also has an eye difficulty. He's had
that since he was two years old, apparently....
The next day, we found him sitting in a hospital bed
with a full arm cast. The arm was broken in two
separate places, but had gone back together well.
His parents told us that the doctor said he wanted
to check out the eye problem as well; they seemed
pretty happy about that!!! Pray that God's will be
done there....

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