Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pictures from the Cholera Treatment Center!

As promised, here are some pictures from the Cholera Treatment Center (CTC)...

Getting everything ready for the first patient...

Here's our first patient: the man with the 
brown and white striped shirt... 
He needed some others to help 
him get into the CTC.

Preparing to inspect and admit patient...

After being checked out, the infected man was admitted, 
and transferred to one of the "hospital rooms"...

Going in...

Inside the room, he was given 
medicine and re-hydration through an IV.
(at the time of posting these pictures, he has greatly improved!)

 Michael Martin (on ladder), one of the "first responders"
from the States, building one of the out-buildings.
Along with some on-lookers...

Everyone on the premises are required to help 
contain any contamination, by using masks, gloves, etc.
Anyone entering and exiting the area, is required 
to be "sanitized" by bleach water.

Several of the nurses and helpers getting things 
straightened out and ready to go...

Purified water is very important to the treatment process here;
Not only in re-hydration, but also in prevention.
Since Cholera thrives in water, it can become 
the #1 carrier for the disease, if not purified.

 This is a picture from the night shift. 
The Center is monitored and guarded continually, 
just in case more infected people arrive,
in need of treatment...


Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. Please continue to lift the people here up before the Throne of Grace... that not only the disease of Cholera would be healed, but also the sickness of sin, which has afflicted so many of these people for years; of which there is no remedy, other than the Blood of Jesus!!

God bless!

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