Monday, September 2, 2013

Clinic Update

This little guys name is Jude, Versine. He was Born March 13, 2013. The grandma came in with the baby first, treating it very unkindly as if it were a toy that isn't worth anything. We couldn't do much because the mom had left the baby and went out to Port Au Prince.
Today the mom came in with him. Her face plainly show she isn't one bit interested in life anymore, she doesn't care if she lives or dies right now. All of it stems from her in-laws and husband who don't treat her good. That is why she left for Port for a month. She can't nurse the baby anymore because it's to sick and she hadn't nursed it for a month. Anita encouraged her to nurse but it didn't work. Anita then shared the gospel with her and told her she needs God. She then said she used to be a Christian but stopped. I guess discouragement from her family situation.
The baby is now on the Milk Program. And Shana and Anita will continue to work with the mom. Please pray lots for her that she would rise and shine, because Jesus is bigger then her problems.
If you feel led to sponsor this child or any other child on the milk program feel free to contact  Donovan Hostetler- Phone:1-608-475-9504
Mailing Address:
Gospel To Haiti
 PO Box 3. Richland Center WI 53581
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This is Boss Marks mother, we blogged about her last week, she has quite high sugar
levels and Anita's been giving her insulin for a week now to stabilise it. She has also been
working with the family on training what they need to do to keep her stable. Hopefully
tomorrow they'll be able to release her.

This lady came in this morning gasping for breath, in heart failure. Her O2 stat was 63%
instead of 100% which is where a normal persons is. Anita isn't quite sure what the cause is
as of yet.

This 53 year old lady came in with kidney failure last week on Friday. The doctor was here
and he aspirated around 93 ml of backed up fluid from her stomach with a needle. Doctor
Felix is on holidays from the hospital in Ti-Goave so he offered to come up here tomorrow.
He will drain fluid again. They are trying to stabilise everything and send her home. There
isn't much hope that she will live. But she shared that she used to be a christian but turned
her back on God. But yesterday she asked for prayer and rededicated her life to the Lord.
She is so happy today and is definitely ready to meet her Maker now.

Update from Marla

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