Friday, April 5, 2013


I'm sure most of you have heard of Mde. Moise. She is the witch doctor that lives right beside the mission. Her husband came to us last December sometimes, and Anita sent him out to get further treatment in Ti-Goave, at the time it was only his little toe that was infected.
   After that no one really knew how he was doing, but he came back last Friday and this is what we are working with now. Anita told me she is quite disappointed in the care he got out in town, and that most of what you see in the picture below was preventable.
When he came back he only had his little toe amputated, and the next two small ones are basically dead to, so Anita amputated the second toe. And has basically kept everything clean daily and is keeping it from spreading. We are now waiting for a ride to town, and will send him along to have the third toe amputated and then have him come right back and the nurses will just keep it clean and the infection from spreading further. We are really hoping that we can save the 4th and 5th toe so that eventually he will be able to walk again.
We are also praying and are asking you to join us, in constant and continual prayer for him and his wife. We are hoping that through all this they would sense that God is real and that with the medical care at his home on a daily bases God would open their hearts to the gospel. O that they would be saved, also for those of us that go their everyday, that we would be sensitive to the Spirit and boldly speak out, and lift Christ up as the healer of body, soul and mind.
I was there with Anita and Rhoda the first afternoon that they were treating it, and it struck me that this is the yard where it all happens, (the devil's barking) I praise God he can't bite God's followers. I stood there basically right next to the tree trunk, (see middle picture below) and praying for Moise, with a number of people around, a demon altar further up the walk and gifts hanging on a tree limb for the devil, (see last picture below). And this morning as I walked over there again I looked up into the tree, I seen more bags hanging in it.
I am thankful to serve a God that gives peace, and He's not a harsh master that demands us to sacrifice our earthly belongings to Him.

That needle looks scary! Anita is numbing everything before she
starts the cleaning process.

Notice the cut of tree trunk to the far right? It's used in their demon worship.

Anita has been keeping intravenous going on a regular bases this week.
Did anyone notice our friend Nathan Grice is back!!!!! (For a week)

Notice the red fabric tied around the tree and the white and blue bags
hanging on the tree? Those are gifts for the devil.

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