Monday, March 18, 2013

"Rocks Hurt"

   "I wonder why Steve stopped at the clinic," Delwyn asked me as we drove passed around 9:30 on the way home from our traditional Sunday evening trip up the mountain to the orphanage. 
   This little 4 year old girl had been hit by a falling rock that came tumbling down the mountain, Miss Anita figured that her arm was broken, so for the next few hours the nurses worked on putting a cast on her arm and making her comfortable. She was very brave.
   She stayed in the hospital room overnight and this morning Delwyn and Michael, took her and another patient who was in labour out to Ti-Goave.

Notice the swelling and the hand not quite looking normal.

Miss Anita rolling on the cast. Was fun helping, brave little girl.

All Fixed Up, Although only for a trip to town next morning for x-rays.

Dear readers,     A early morning gate knock announced that a baby was about to be born. We hauled out of bed and scurried down to  clinic. ...